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Influence through the power of Social Media

Russia. That is all that one really must state to get a conversation going about the power and the influence which can be obtained through advertisements, social media, and posting. Regardless of the position that one has about this specific matter, it does showcase that Social media has become a dangerous tool of influence in the world. Social Media is Powerful, not just in the political arena but in other sectors as well. This article will expound on three points in which Social media excels in power. These are politics, mind and emotions, and personality development.

The Power of Social Media


In the last election for President, it was stated that President Trump won the election because he understood the media platform needed to win the vote. CNN reported in that “FDR was the first “radio president. JFK emerged as the first “television” president. Barack Obama broke through as the first “Internet” president. Next up, Prepare to meet Donald Trump, possibly the first “social media” and “reality TV” president.

It is not just the President that has used Twitter (as is his favorite form of mass communication) and social media to reach and influence the public. Ben Carson was essentially taken out of the campaign by the tweets of another candidate. Liberals and activists have used social media since the election to stir the political pot on various issues. Rumors have even circulated of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama using social media to pay for protesting and rioting. Whether the information is true does not matter at this point. The fact that it has been shared on social media.

Emotions and the mind

Wired magazine reported in July of 2017 that Social media has hijacked our minds. The report tells that the power of social media has had both influenced our decision-making skills, our ability to process certain information, and our neurological functions. Other reports have suggested that the power to hijack our minds has given marketing platforms the ability to hit neurological triggers, making it appears we are rewarded when we engage in their marketing campaigns, even though in truth we owe nothing to such markets and are losing capital.

Emotionally speaking, there is not a big difference between the techniques which have been used in television for ages and that which is used in social medial. The only real differentiating factor comes into play with the like, dislike, and the friend and defriend button. Essentially, these features give the user the power to decide who they will talk to and what the person sees. From the emotional dependence of friends as well as from the perspective of fixing broken relationships, this could be a rather catastrophic blow to one’s emotional state. Consider. If a person were to have an argument with a physical person, that person can go to the person and make amends. However, with social media, if the person is blocked they have no avenue, the tie is severed forever.

Personality Development

Should one consider the dependence upon social media and mobile devices, he or she will note that there has been a decline in the number of hours spent in creative activities and personality development and in increase in being fed what that person is to believe and how they are to react. In a way, social media has shaped the frame of the younger generation’s personalities. This is an in creditable power from those who post on social media sites. And where there are posts which state that they empower the individual to do this or to do that, the truth is that the empowerment is only based upon the data and material that the person chooses to give to the viewer. It is a skewed perception.

When people forget to think for themselves, when there is not the ability to try and to fail at something, and when the general consensus of the population is to go with that which is seen on the screen and not that which they experience, then the likelihood that the person will suffer from various mental disorders is high. Add to this the non-development of grammatical, mathematical, reading (as in the classic book sense of the word) and such, and you have quite a determent on personality development.


It has been stated that with great power there comes great responsibility. Such is true for Social media. However, I believe that the flippancy that has been used with the media has yielded results that have not been fully weighed. We tweet, we post, we comment and we share without any concerns of the power and influence that it may have on another. So long as narcissism is catered to and our own personal development is not effected, we are pleased to wallow in our own selective dillusions.

The Pros and Cons of Cardio vs. Weight Training

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Should you do cardio or weight training? Which is better?

When it comes to exercising, there are primarily two areas which are focused upon. These two being cardio and weight training. And while there are a few exercises which combine the two together, for the most part, the blogs, trainers, and health magazines keep the two separate. This raises the question “which is better, cardio or weight training?”. Both are equally important to your overall health. However, for those which can only allot a minimum amount of time to exercise, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of cardio vs. weight training.

First you must determine your desired end

Cardio and Weight Training each have a different goal, and as such you should understand what you intend your final goals to be. Losing weight should not be a factor when working out. Per building muscle 101, to lower your overall weight all you must do is lower your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories on a daily basis. So, food intake should not be the overall goal which you are trying to obtain. Yet, if you wish to tone your body while burning fat, then yes, you would need to do some exercises.

Cardio vs Weight Training for Fat

Determine if you want to tone or to build muscle mass. Factor in your existing health. If you find that your circulation and your breathing are not well maintained, then adding cardio to your daily routine may increase your ability to do those heavy weight training exercises. There is no definitive answer that you can receive as to which one is better, as each person’s body is different. There is only an answer as to which exercise you should choose per your desired end.

Toning your body with cardio

Live Strong claims that cardio is the most effective form for fat-burning so long as there is a well-planned routine. The major muscle groups could be worked with a rowing machine, while the lower legs and abs can be toned using a treadmill or an eclipse. The pro of doing cardio to tone is that there is not a real strain upon the body. Granted, you are increasing your heart rate and your breathing, but there is not 225lbs sitting on a straight bar that you have to push off of you. This being stated, the cons of cardio is that it tends to take a bit more duration to achieve results. For example, if you are performing a walk, the walk needs to be at a 2.0 incline and for 40 minutes 3 times a week to see any real results.

Perhaps the biggest con of caridio for toning and sculpting the body while using weight is based upon the fat which is already present. While your cardio exercises may tone the muscles, if the layers of fat are not dealt with, you are apt to get discouraged with the visual results.

Cardio as a means to lower heart related issues

When comparing cardio to weight training, the major benefit of cardio over weight training is the heart health which one can get from doing cardio. This is why elementary schools have the Jump Rope for Heart which is sponsored by the American Heart Association. According to lead doctors and practitioners, a person should do 30 minutes of cardio 5 to 7 days a week. Keep in mind that the study is on any exercise which increases the heart rate. By forcing the heart to pump blood, you increase the strength of the heart and your overall health, reducing the risk for heart related illnesses.

Once should keep in mind that the heart is a muscle and that variations will be needed in order to keep the body from becoming accustom to your workout routine. Swimming, dancing, bicycling, and organized sports are just one way in which you can add some variation to your cardio. Everyday health states that “getting an optimal cardio workout isn’t necessarily about how you move your arms and legs or what sports gear you use.” The article then goes on to promote aerobic exercises as a means of cardio stating that “your heart and lungs will work harder than normal to meet your body’s increased demand for oxygen.” The point is that regardless of the exercise, the cardio needs to increase the heart rate and increase the breathing in order to be effective.

Weight Training for toning as opposed to cardio

When I first started weight training, I had the presumption that all weight training builds muscle. And while there is a bit of truth in this, it is also misleading. I was quickly informed that the heavy weights add bulk, while the lower weights tone and cut. Having an adjustable workout routine which focuses first on toning the muscle that you have (even if it is under a layer of fat), cutting the layers of fat, and then doing heavy weights to increase muscle mass is ideal.

One of the pros for weight training with light weight is that you will not have to switch up from your cardio to do your weights. All you will need to do is increase the weights on the bar or do another form of exercise with the weight that you have, targeting different muscles. For those which have a gym membership, this is quite a benefit. Using the cardio equipment, then waiting on the weight bench is a bit of a hindrance in keeping the blood moving and the motivation intact. If you are planning to tone your body using weights, use a dumbbell of no more than 25lbs and do a lot of reps. Don’t hurt yourself.

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The main pro of using light weights to tone the body is that apart from a dumbbell, there is little to no equipment involved. Unlike cardio which takes a bit of time to get the body’s heart and lungs to their peak, a good light weight training exercise can be done in 5 to 15 minutes routine a day.

Weight Training for Bulk

One of the misconceptions about weight training is that you must go big or go home. This would be a major con to weight training. As a person may feel that he or she needs to have more weight than can be safely handled, heavy weight training opens the door for injury. Men’s Fitness claims that one of the major issues with weight training, and a contributor to injuries, is “trying to do too much too fast, in both reps and weight.”. Bravado is a major con for weight training, and although we state and wish not to workout in a dangerous fashion, many men and women feel a bit belittled when the person beside them can lift more and do more.

When strength training/bulk training, you should lift for today. Get a weight that is comfortably lifted using the proper techniques. If this means that you can only lift the bar, lift the bar. If you can add on some weight, do so. What you do not want to do is try to put your max on the bar and do reps. It is a recipe for disaster.

Why weight training should be used over cardio to build muscle

To build muscle tissue, your muscles must be torn and then rebuild the fibers. If you are tearing muscles and fibers when you do cardio, then the odds are that you doing something wrong, as cardio focuses mainly on the heart and lungs.

Cardio Vs. Weights For Fat Loss

Think of building muscle in this way. When you lift heavy weights, your muscles are expanding and contracting to push the weight. The push and strain are so much that there are tiny rips that occur within the muscle group. Your muscle is not becoming non-functional and you are not damaging the muscle to dangerous levels (such as tearing it from the tendon or ligaments). Yet, the muscle does see a bit of damage when you work out. The body then must repair the muscle by building the are where these small tears occurred. In a way, it is scar tissue, but not really. When the new tissue and the old tissue merge together, you get bigger muscles. When working out keep in mind that the body has to heal between workouts.

So, which one is better Cardio or Weight Training?

As you have seen, there are pros and cons to both cardio and weight training. It is up to you to decide which routine is best for you. However, to sum up the top pros of cardio are:

  • Increases Heart Health
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Increases oxidation and circulation in the body

The top pros of weight training are:

  • Lower workout times needed to get a good routine in
  • You can easily switch from toning to building muscle
  • Is really the best method for bulking up

The cons for each of these are roughly the same. The person does not do enough of the exercise or they over do it, they do not pay attention to their personal limits and cause themselves injury, and the routine does not show immediate results and so they abandon exercising all together.

Regardless of whether you choose to integrate a cardio or a weight training routine into your life, you should be consistent with it. Results will take a while, but if you are dedicated you will see the toning of muscle, the increase in agility, better breathing, a healthier heart, and a healthier you.

Remember, it is always best to consult a doctor prior to any major lifestyle changes including adding a cardio or weight training routine to your daily life.

The Origins of Virtual Reality – Anthony Tornambe

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A Look Back at Where Virtual Reality First Began

Virtual reality has become a huge business these days. It seems that everyone is taking advantage of the improvements made to the technology. Although we think of virtual reality being a completely new form of technology, it is actually quite an old concept. The ability to have a virtual reality experience is now right within the grasp of the average person, but it was not always so accessible. Here is a look into the history of the virtual reality concept as well as the actual implications.

The First Idea

Many people will state that virtual reality concepts did not come into play until the mid-1960s, but there is an earlier concept that does not get as much attention today. The first instance of the virtual reality concept was not with modern computers or even movement, but panoramic art work that began to be popular during the era. The idea is truly the infancy of virtual reality, but we can plainly see that this is where the thought of complete submersion into alternate realities first began.

Virtual Reality

Simulation Comes into Play

These days there is not likely anyone who has never had the joy of using a simulator. These devices are used in training soldiers and even for just entertainment at amusement parks and many different venues. The first simulators were introduced in the 1920s. They were not the ingenious devices that we know of now but rather simple ways to alter the perception of reality and to allow people to feel as though they are somewhere else. This was the birth of what would be the first ever flight simulator used to train the U.S. Air Force in 1966.

The First Console

Virtual reality is all about altering the current reality in favor of something else. It now allows the user to completely immerse themselves into another world for all types of both entertainment as well as educational uses. The early forms of the technology were severely limited by the lack of technology, but during 1960, Morton Heilig developed the first ever single console device for use with virtual reality. The bonus to this device was not only could the user see the alternate reality, but it was in tune with all senses the experience was one of true virtual reality where the user could smell and hear everything going on.

The Headset

Ost people these days only see virtual reality as the headsets that have become so popular. The first head set was called Headsight and it was developed by an engineering corporation called Philco Corporation. The development was originally intended for use in dangerous endeavors. The situation could be monitored via a closed-circuit television system without putting the lives of humans in jeopardy.

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The headset was further enhanced in 1965 to allow for more realism by Ivan Sutherland. The original concept was far from portable as the headset was tethered to the computer, but the concept was remarkably visionary of today’s virtual reality. The user was able to not only see the images in real time images, but even manipulate certain objects within the scene. The main drawback to this system was the fact that it was quite heavy and had to be suspended in the air by cables so as not to crush the user.

Government Agencies

The government has looked to the significance of virtual reality since the 1960s, but as the technology advanced into the 1980s, government agencies increased their use of virtual reality. The uses were endless and the technology was used to help NASA train for space missions and the national defense department train agents before they were put into the field. The military as well as major airlines utilized virtual reality and ultimately saved many lives as the risk of injury was significantly reduced.

Media Attention

It was not until the 1990’s that the mainstream media began talking about virtual reality and all the implications it might have on the general public. The problem was that the claims that the media made as to what virtual reality could be used for were far more advanced than what the technology at the time was able to accomplish. Therefore, there was an extreme drop off from virtual reality during that time, but luckily for us, some people still worked to improve the technology and virtual reality systems of today are truly remarkable devices that everyone can own.

Today we have the ability to have virtual reality in the palm of our hands without being tethered to a computer or having to use a device attached to the ceiling for support. The technology has come a long way, but you can bet that in the near future we will see virtual reality taken to an even higher level as more intuitive systems are invented. – Anthony Tornambe

The Future of Virtual Reality – Anthony Tornambe

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The unique and amazing technology that is virtual reality has given us so much especially in recent years that it is hard to believe that it could advance even further, but like all forms of technology there is always someone looking for the next thing to do with it and with virtual reality, that is an endless stream of opportunity to impact the individual, industry, and the world as a whole. Here are some of the ideas of where virtual reality could be headed to in the future.

A Reduction in Sedatives

The medical uses for VR are mind boggling. We have already seen where the technology allows for help with surgeries and even allow for remote access to surgery rooms, but apart from some therapy sessions utilizing virtual reality, there is little it has so far accomplished within the mental health world, but that is all set to change here very shortly and due to a unique study.

The Future of Virtual Reality

Anxiety medications are on the rise these days. It is estimated that roughly $40 million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder at some point within their lives. That is a staggering number especially when you account for the fact that 86% of patients do not seek medications to manage their disorder. Anxiety medications are meant to allow the body to relax in stressful situations and allow the patient to better cope with some of life’s ongoing problems.

Anthony Tornambe‘s New research shows that submersion into an alternate reality with virtual reality allows for patients to slow their heart rate far more effectively than with standard anxiety medication. One of the most prevalent studies has already been done in Mexico with the help of Jose Luis Mosso Vazquez. Vazquez is not a surgeon by any means but he has worked alongside them when patients come in for surgery. Instead of relying on some of the standard sedation tactics with their unreliable side effects, Vazquez affixes a virtual reality headset to the patient to completely submerge them into an environment that assists in calming them down. The blood pressure of the patients who have undergone the process have been reported to be remarkably low and the bonus is that the person does not have to contend with the possibility of not waking up from sedation that can bring about additional anxiety.

It may seem as though this type of anxiety treatment would not be available to be adapted to all situations, but it is the complete submersion into the alternate reality that allows the person to cope with general circumstances. There may come a day that instead of doctors offering patients a sedative to reduce anxiety symptoms, the doctor prescribes a series of VR sessions or the use of VR during the onset of anxiety. The future is here and we may begin to see the end of streams of anxiety medication being poured into society.


When people begin talk of nanotechnology they seem to think of futuristic Si-Fi movies in which the person is injected with supposed smart nanobots and the machines inadvertently take over the human subject. Nanotechnology however is not just about the Si-Fi applications in movies. The technology is now being explored in the world of VR. Most of the virtual reality situations allow for some manipulation of objects, but they are quite limited. There is however one futuristic possibility that is being explored currently by  Anthony Tornambe.

Foglets are a 3-dimensional object that is basically a nanobot. The technology is still in its infancy as the production of these objects are quite expensive due to the specialized equipment required to build them. The Foglet allows for many to be joined together and can be manipulated into an endless stream of larger objects making the virtual world truly virtual with the ability to control and interact with the surroundings just like in a live environment. It is likely that this form of technology will take a considerable amount of time to develop properly and even more so to come to the general public market, but it can and will transform the VR world like nothing else once they pin down the production aspect.

Virtual reality is an ingenious invention. We have seen the technology grow from basically nothing more than an idea to already unbelievable heights and with each passing year, more research and development is done into the possibilities of VR. The uses of the technology to help human kind and also provide a little entertainment for the masses is something that is truly remarkable and even though you may believe that virtual reality technology has gone as far as it can go, just remember that people once thought that about the invention of the phone and even when computers first came to market. There is always room to grow technology and we will see great things from VR in the future.  – Anthony Tornambe

Current Applications of Virtual Reality – Anthony Tornambe

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Virtual reality has truly come a long way since the original conception in the 1860s and even the utilization of virtual reality as a training device during the 1980s. These days we only view virtual reality as a means of entertaining through gaming, but the technology is so much more beneficial to human kind. There is certainly plenty of room for the entertainment factor, but here is a look at some of the ways virtual reality is being used currently.

Medical Assistance

The world of uses for virtual reality in the medical world is truly endless. One of the first ways you are likely to see virtual reality used within the medical field is during training. The only avenue for truly exploring the body and getting training into how to perform surgery was to use a cadaver. Virtual reality enables the student to learn in the virtual world and adapt their performance to real life scenarios. Teachers can enable the virtual reality program to mimic most any circumstance so the student can get on the job training, so to speak, before ever entering the hospital to perform surgery on a live person. This will likely cut down on the number of unfortunate accidents that can happen when students are given the go ahead to perform surgery before they are truly adapted to the skill level it takes.

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Another avenue that medical virtual reality is pursuing is the ability to allow the patient to truly understand the procedure that is going to be performed on them or a family member. Through virtual reality, the doctor can explain the medical issue in a way that is easy to understand without any of the medical jargon that can sometimes be difficult for the average patient to understand. The patient is able to have a clearer understanding of the entire procedure and for some people that can make going into surgery a bit easier to take. The medical uses for virtual reality are just now being discovered, so there is no telling what the future might hold for this ever-changing form of technology.

An Architect’s Right Hand

If you have ever, being an average person, tried to read an architect’s plans, it likely looked like a child trying to balance their parent’s checkbook. It simply does not make sense to those that are not trained to understand, yet this is what architects use to show to their customers. You can see where it would be quite confusing if you were paying an architect to build a building for you, yet you really could not visualize the concept due to the nature of the drawings.

Current Applications of Virtual Reality

These days’ architects have a key helper in their ability to convey their ideas to the client. Virtual reality programs such as Google Cardboard are able to allow the client to see exactly what they are getting and virtually walk through the structure. They can make changes and manipulate objects as they would like without having to go back to the drawing board and start over from scratch. This saves the architect valuable time and the client valuable money, so everyone wins with virtual reality in architecture. – Anthony Tornambe

Mental Health

We have already discussed how virtual reality can help in the medical field, but it is also very effective in treating patients in the mental health field as well. Stress related disorders such as phobias and even PTSD effect approximately one in five people worldwide. This is a significantly high number and sometimes the person is not able to take the standard calming drugs that are used to treat anxiety issues. There is growing research into the effectiveness of virtual reality to treat many of these disorders. The ability to take someone out of the current situation that is causing stress and transport them into an environment that is stress free and calming can help individuals that suffer from plaguing anxiety disorders.

The Status of Virtual Reality

The world is ever-changing and the same thing can be said for virtual reality. As new technologies come to light within the world of virtual reality, we are sure to see the sector grow. Although we are far from some of the science fiction classics such as Otherland coming to reality where people forget that they are in a virtual world and therefore allow their natural bodies to become neglected and die, we can see that virtual reality programs are becoming more like real reality every day. The technology will continue to grow as this form of alternate reality has the potential to help more people in more parts of the world than ever before. We will see virtual reality more often in the medical offices we visit as well as many agencies using the programs to train new recruits. The world is wide open and virtual reality is on track to take it over.  – Anthony Tornambe

The Rise of Wearable Technology – Anthony Tornambe

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Each New Year most people resolve to improve their overall lifestyle. Most of those resolutions involve becoming healthier. They will improve their eating habits and turn away from many of the harmful foods that tend to pack on the pounds, but they will also lean towards fitness as a way of losing the excess weight. Whatever the case may be, we are no longer simply tied to going to the gym and using the equipment to show us how many calories we have burned or how many miles we have ran. The use of wearable technology for fitness is increasingly on the rise and it is not set to be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Here are a few reasons why people are so drawn to it.

Anthony Tornambe 16299203_10155792914849502_1657437489977374712_n


The reason that so many people fail to reach their fitness goals throughout the day is that they are not fully accountable for the drive to lose weight. They may have the desire to do so, but without some form of reminder of their fitness goals they can quickly fall prey to old habits or skipping out on their work out altogether. Having something attached to you throughout the day allows you to have that constant reminder to keep you on track. It works much like the old trick of putting a rubber band around your wrist to remind you of something important.

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The overall accountability of wearable technology for fitness goes far above our individual accountability as well. Those that have a record of keeping track of their activity and other vital statistics can better assist their doctors when being diagnosed for a condition. The doctor may ask a question referring to your fitness routine and if you have the wearable technology, you can give the physician all the answers they need without anything being left out.

Group Effort

There is a growing trend among the health minded that is becoming more beneficial with every passing day. We are realizing that in order to reach our health goals we sometimes have to enlist the help of others with the same mindset. Throughout the country and even the world, groups of people are using their wearable technology to keep tabs on how everyone is doing and instead of simply berating them into conformity, they can offer them support or advice on how they may be able to improve upon themselves. The draw of keeping up with the crowd can keep us motivated to stay on track where simply going it alone, often fails.

Anthony Tornambe 16388129_10154830611086083_505679790731760551_n

Limitless Potential

Times are changing significantly in the fitness world. There was once a time where if you wanted to try out a new fitness routine you had to join a new class or order the routine online or off television. These days we live in a world where everything is at our fingertips and this is a great improvement on how we get our workout in. Even if you want to stick to the standard everyday workout, there may come a day that you feel particularly motivated and want to try something new. With wearable technology, you do not have to wait on that option. You can simply pull up the specific exercise and even get a tutorial on how to do it. Then the technology can track the movements to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly. Trying new things instantly can catapult the wearer into a new motivational realm of achievement

A New Chapter in Health

Some people seem to have an inability to change. They do not like new technologies nor will they easily change from the normal way they are used to doing things, but it is often stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Those that are stuck in the rut of doing things the same way will likely never attain their true fitness goals because they are unable to break the cycle that they bodies are used to, but those in the know understand that change is inevitable and even fun at times.

Anthony Tornambe 16406720_10155781097909502_8405163071040737440_n

He rise of wearable technology can be a bit scary for some, but it is ultimately changing our approach to fitness and allowing us to break the cycle. Your body can become used to a routine and that routine can become ineffective overtime. The use of wearable technology keeps people motivated to try new and different things as well as maintains that mindset that they are subject to their own fitness goals. It is your body and your routine and therefore your choice, but adding wearable technology into your fitness routine will enable you to achieve more and maintain your forward status. You can achieve your fitness goals and wearable technology is the new frontier that can help you do it.  – Anthony Tornambe

Diet Trends of 2017 – Anthony Tornmabe

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As the old year takes its eternal nap and the new year emerges, we begin thinking about how we will change our lives. Some will desire for more money or more status, but more often than not, our desires are to be thinner and healthier. One way that we do this, apart from exercising, is with our diet. There are literally countless diets on the market these days that claim to be the miracle diet, but not all are as miraculous as they claim to be. There are good ones as well as bad ones to contend with, but here are the ones that you should be aware of for the new year.

Diet Trends

Gluten Free

One of the biggest marketing points in foods today is to be called gluten free. There are legitimate reasons why a person would want to avoid gluten. One of the main reasons is the growing number of Celiac Disease patience. The disease causes sufferers to have a very negative reaction to gluten of any kind. Gluten is found in a number of foods because it is the substance that is formed when water and flour are mixed together. It is the main reason that breads are so fluffy. The trend of the gluten free lifestyle has caused some people to completely turn away from gluten even if they do not suffer from the disease. You can be assured that you will see more gluten free products on the shelves this year as more people turn away from bread and gluten full products.

Dairy Free

Before the 1930s the epidemic of rickets became apparent. The disease was caused by a lack of vitamin D. Therefore, during the 1930s milk companies began adding the vital nutrient to the milk to ensure that children had a better chance at a healthy life. Where this was a remarkably helpful attribute, we have since discovered that cow’s milk may not be completely beneficial to humans. As more and more research comes to light as to the negative effects of cow’s milk, there are more options for a milk alternatives. The dairy issue is not only conducive to simply milk, but cheeses and all dairy products. This year we are sure to see more people than ever taking out the dairy in their diet in hopes that they will improve their skin and keep far away from some of the growing concerns of cow’s milk.

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Vegetarian Diets

The vast majority of humans consume everything from fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats, but the trend of the vegetarian lifestyle is on the rise. Years ago, when someone claimed to be a vegetarian they often had chosen the lifestyle for the protection of defenseless animals, but now studies suggest that the lifestyle is more beneficial than previously thought, therefore people are turning away from meat in the name of health. People are not so much worried about the safety of the animals, but more worried about the process of how the meat gets into the stores. The number of preservatives and additives to the meat has made for larger and larger animals making people question the validity of the practice of eating meat.

Latest Diet Trends

The practice of the vegetarian diet is also no longer about eating nothing but celery and carrots. Menu items are popping up all over the country that utilize vegetables and protein rich grains such as quinoa and lentils. Protein for a vegetarian was once limited to a number of different beans, but with these new additions to the diet and more coming about each day, the vegetarian can have the protein they need without ever scrimping on flavor.

Low Carb

If you thought that the trend of low carb eating had went away, guess again. It is back and more popular than ever. There have been many studies to suggest that the low carb lifestyle and even the zero-carb lifestyle is the way to go. Very large individuals have lost hundreds of pounds by cutting out breads and carbs of any kind. This diet can be quite effective if followed strictly, but giving up bread can sometimes be quite a challenge for those of us who are used to having rolls with our dinner or rice with our vegetables.

2017 is set to be one of the most health forward years on record. The number of people that are taking on new diets this year is truly staggering and these diets are among the most popular, but as we all know, diet trends are always changing so we are sure to see more diets throughout the year, but a word of caution is always in order when talking about diet trends. What works for one body type may not be as effective for another, so make sure that you know your body and always consult your doctor before taking on any new diet especially if you have health concerns that may limit your ability to utilize the diet. The best trend to follow is overall health, so eat in moderation and exercise regularly for total health.  – Anthony Tornambe

Let your passion speak for you like Anthony Tornambe

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There are two ways of living life. The first way is just let the things go as they are going and be happy with the mediocre outcomes. And the second way is to take responsibility and make the change. This is what Anthony Tornambe is all about. He knows that everything in this world will not be sorted out by itself, and this is the reason he always raises his voice for the benefit of the society.

Anthony Tornambe knows the problems that you may have to face he has done a lot of hard work in his life to become an achiever in his field.There are many people, who achieve things in life, but a very few of them come forward to help others to achieve their goals. He has always remained enthusiastic to impart his knowledge and skills to the others.

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Passion for sports

He has always been good at sports. This made him learn a lot of things in his life. Sports taught him discipline, leadership, and maneuvering skills. The most important thing that he has learned from sports is that how to accept defeat and does hard work to convert it into a victory. There are many situations in life when you feel down and out. Well, this is the time when you need to show your mettle. This is what Anthony Tornambe learned from sports, and this is the reason that he never back down from any challenge.

Anthony Tornambe

Passionate traveler who keeps moving ahead

Anthony Tornambe likes to discover different places and unveil the mysteries. He wants to explore the world and get different experiences of life. He wants to run, he wants to jump, he wants to fall but doesn’t want to stop. And this is not only when he travels, but he applies this to his life also.  He never stopped himself in life, irrespective of the situation he found himself in.  He always kept moving forward in his life. He overcame all the difficulties, and he passed all acid tests with a smile on his face.  Well, he likes to travel with his lovely family that consists of his lovely wife Melissa and two daughters Scarlett and Francesca. He goes to different places and explores different things there. He is a fun loving guy and always try to talk to new people and learn something about them.

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Learned from cooking experience

Anthony  is an amazing cook, who always tries out some new dishes. Yes, it has also helped him to learn a great deal in his life. Cooking is one thing that taught him how to be creative and has patience. Cooking is an art and it needs a lot of creativity. This creativity helped Anthony Tornambe to be good at his work, and to perform all his duties is an effective manner. Cooking is one thing that brings a smile on the face on the cook as well as on the face of the person who eats it.

One can take the leaf out of the book of Anthony Tornambe, and let the passion be your teacher.

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Anthony Tornambe – A creative person with passion for cooking

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Life would become spiceless and humdrum if we don’t have all those great varieties of food with us. Well, food is the taste of life and we always look out for some delicious food. This why we love people, who can cook some delicious food. Anthony Tornambe is one person who loves to cook, and you would love it whatever he will bring to the table.


He always enjoys cooking, especially for his kids. He always tries to take some time out from his busy schedule and try to make some tasty food.  He loves to spoil family and friends by making special dishes and surprising them with amazing varieties. Well, it makes his day when he sees someone enjoying the food that he has made with love.

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Cook with passion or leave it

There are people who just live by their passion, and Anthony Tornambe is no different. Cooking food is not an easy task;it requires a lot of passion. The food cooked with passion tastes entirely different. And the food cooked with passion will always be enjoyed by the people who eat it. Cooking delicious food is quite an art.You can be good at doing various tasks a one time, but cooking needs passion, and relaxed mind. Having said that, when you cook something with passion, you become good at doing your other tasks also.

Hard work and persistence

Cooking good food is not easy and not everybody’s job.There is no magic wand that can make your cuisine delicious. You have to master it with pure hard work and perseverance. This is where Anthony Tornambe scores the most.He puts his all into whatever he does.  He breaks the notion that you only cook when you don’t have anything else to do, or you are not good at other things. He is a superb cook. However, if you need a legal advice from him, he can cook the best one for you.

Do not rush things

Anthony Tornambe believes that Cooking helps to bring calmness in your life. We all are always in a rush these days. People are lacking patience in our life. Cooking is one thing that is meant for relaxing, don’t complicate it. Instead of doing everything in a superfast manner, take your time and do it in an unhurried manner. You just need to follow the process at your own pace. Its okay to take a break when you are busy, as you can always resume when you have some free time.

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Never shy away from experimentation

Anthony Tornambe loves to create recipes in his head and then he tests them out with family and friends.The experiment is the key to success. He always tries various recipes with some added twist. Well, there might be a situation where you might fail a couple of times; but don’t let it hamper your spirit. This is the best way of mastering various cooking techniques. Whenever he gets time, he comes up with some delicious dishes for his lovely wife Melissa and two daughters Scarlett and Francesca.  He believes in healthy cooking, as he is also a gym addict, who always takes care of his and others’ health.

Anthony Tornambe

If you want to taste some of the most delicious dishes by Anthony Tornambe, then you can always find him in Somers, New York, where he lives with his loving family.

Explore the Cayman Islands with Anthony Tornambe

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Quiet beaches, cool caves, and exotic flora and fauna; this what the Cayman Islands is known for. Yes, there are a lot more things that one can do in these islands. Let’s explore the Cayman Islands the way Anthony Tornambe did.

A great Scuba diving experience

There are a few things that we all should try at least once in our life, and scuba diving is one of those things. Grand Cayman is an ideal destination for scuba diving. You can take your family to this place, and have a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a skilled diver, the Cayman Islands offer a great diving experience to them all. AnthonyTornambe is a keen learner, and his curiosity to know things have made him such a successful person. Well, what can be a bigger mystery than underwater life?  That is why he made this dive a part of his holiday.  He along with his family learned the basics of scuba diving in a class, which had an information session and open water dive.  Professional gave them some amazing tips on scuba diving.

Anthony Tornambe


Discover the amazing food

Exploring the local food is one thing that every food lover like Anthony Tornambe will always do.  Well, he has this great passion for cooking, which makes him even more interested in discovering the new varieties of food. And the Cayman Islands is one place that offers unique food experiences.  You can find several food options here.  Being an island, fish is the popular food here. You will find many traditional fish fry huts lining the streets throughout the island.  Every now and then, you can find some food festival organized by someone, and Anthony got a chance to witness one.  The passionate cook in him was rejoiced, as there were some prestigious chefs, who offered tastings and demonstrations.

A beautiful evening with colorful sunset

Anthony Tornambe is a fun loving person and a great admirer of nature’s beauty. He took his lovely wife Melissa and two daughters Scarlett and Francesca to watch the breathtaking views and spectacular scenery of beautiful Cayman sunset.  It is a great experience, as you set sail on your Grand Cayman sunset cruise while enjoying views of Seven Mile Beach. It just feels amazing when that Caribbean breeze touches your face and tries to say something to you.

Anthony and family had a great time here. When in Grand Cayman, you cannot miss delicious appetizers and sip refreshing cocktails. Between all that fun, the family saw the magnificent sunset that can astound anybody. When you see it, you will certainly feel that there is no better artist than nature. You will see all those pink, purple and orange shades spreading across the sky.  And you can see its reflection on the crystal-clear water that is surrounding you. You will feel that you are in some other world that is explored by you only.  Just watch that sun sinking into the sea, and take home a lifetime memory, as Anthony Tornambe did.

Explore incredible marine life with Atlantis Submarine Expedition

If you are a curious person like Anthony Tornambe, then nothing can interest you more than underwater sightseeing. The Atlantis XI Submarine provides the family friendly adventure, which Anthony and family enjoyed the most. It is a great way to unveil the mysteries of underwater. One can watch creatures like coral and sponges, turtle, colorful snapper and grouper and much more.

Steal some time from your busy life and discover what this beautiful world has to offer.